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Since one of the main task of EA is to promote the aerospace and aeronautic culture both at local and international level, the Local Group of Naples decided to join a network of aerospace association to make aware its members of the future work environment and the current technology innovation in field of our interest. This is the reason why we became official partner of a series of lecture at University of Naples “Federico II”, in collaboration with Aeropolis, AIAN and AIDAA.

The main goal is to have a deep and complete panorama of the industrial activities and the innovative research in aerospace. The first meeting took place on 24th October 2015.
In this day, the attention was focused on the branch and disciplines undoubtedly innovative relating to the aerospace: the unmanned aircraft, their use and control.

The main topics discussed with the students and professors were about the certification and regulation, the use and requirements of control systems, control and communication for civil applications, more pressing than those used for military applications.


 It was said that the unmanned aircraft are a driving force for development on which young engineers will be confronted more and more in a few years. Furthermore, EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile” on behalf of Daniele Vangone, remarked the importance to cooperate with the main young industry of the aerospace field giving the students the opportunity to join workshops and practical activities in order to grow their professional background. It was given an highlight on the role that EA has in this circumstance.

At the end of the event, were summed up the main current uses of an unmanned aircraft: 

stratospheric platforms, control systems of drones in military and civil applications, design of drones for scientific purposes, business opportunities and technology solutions offered by the use of the RPAS. The use of these advanced aircraft, as well as has emerged, allow a considerable saving of costs with the strategic goal of replacing air means such as, for example, helicopters in particularly delicate situations.

Daniele Vangone AS Napoli, President
Alessandra Schiavone AS Napoli, Former Treasurer

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