How to become a member

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Step 1
discover what kind of member you are

Ordinary member: undergraduateds who are over 18 years old, that are passionate about the Aerospace sector.

Alumni: a member that obtains a master’s degree during the membership year of enrollment or former members who have already obtained a master’s degree.

Senior: a member acquires this role if in their career they have held a position in the aeronautical / aerospace sector.

step 2
fill the associative form

If you’ve already filled the associative form, go to step 3.

If you still have to fill the associative form click the button below.

Please read all the requestes in the bottom of the form.

step 3
pay the membership fee

The membership fee for an ordinary member is 10.00 euro.

Alumni and Senior member need not to pay the membership fee. Regardless, without paying the membership fee, there is no right to vote. 

The payment methods are the following:
– manual payment
– PayPal payment
– Bank transfer

Application form

The applications for the membership is a Business Year duration, that starts on the 1st of September and expire the 31st of August of the following year.
If you apply between the 1st of July and the 31st of August, your application is valid for the following Business Year too.

Payment with PayPal or bank transfer

payment with Paypal

Please note that by choosing this payment method €0,75 will be added to your total due to PayPal fees.

payment with bank transfer

To confirm your application, you have to send an email to attaching a copy of the payment receipt.


IBAN: IT53W0623003559000057793157
Bank name and address: CRÉDIT AGRICOLE