Our story



A group of motivated people, interested in EUROAVIA - The European Association of Aerospace Students, supported by Professor Luigi Gerardo Napolitano, begin a journey in the car to participate in EMEAC of Delft. Prof. Napolitano encouraged the dream of a local network of young students and engineers improving technical and cultural formation and a strong synergy between academic and enterprise environments.


EUROAVIA Napoli organizes its first international event to become right after officially part of the EUROAVIA network.


After the death of its main supporter Luigi Gerardo Napolitano, the association starts a moment of stand-by. This time of stand-by lasted until 1998.


The association flourish again thanks to a group of students that went to the EUROAVIA congress of Pisa to restart EUROAVIA Napoli.


EUROAVIA Napoli organizes the first visit to the CIRA - Centro Italiano di Ricerche Aerospaziali.


The Constitutive Act is signed and the presence of the association is officialized to the country, adapting to the new laws issued. EUROAVIA Napoli increases its presence at the international level starting with being part of the International Board.

Cultural Exchange

EUROAVIA Napoli organizes its first Cultural exchange in collaboration with the Local Board of Oostend, a local group of EUROAVIA in Belgium.

Battesimo del volo

A new era of events starts with the first Battesimo del volo. This event became one of the main events of our association that close the Business Year. First Neapolitan as president of the International Board.


EUROAVIA Napoli obtains the headquarters in the library of the aerospace department in the university, Piazzale Tecchio, IV piano corpo torre.


EUROAVIA Napoli organizes the first Leadership Workshop at the international level.

UniNa Rocket

EUROAVIA Napoli brings the Rocket Workshop to the local level, starting an era of yearly workshops.

Umberto Nobile

The new logo of EUROAVIA Napoli is in honour of Gen. Prof. Umberto Nobile, a famous designer, dirigible pilot and polar explorer. He is primarily remembered for designing and piloting the airship Norge, which may have been the first aircraft to reach the North Pole, and which was indisputably the first to fly across the polar ice cap from Europe to America.

Game of Drones

EUROAVIA Napoli organizes the first technical event Game of Drones.

Online Workshop

With the start of the pandemic EUROAVIA Napoli, as always, does not lose its hope and organises the first online workshop ever done, Unmanned Advanced Solutions.

Challenge For Design

The first EUROAVIA Napoli Racing Car Workshop, in which 24 students had to challenge themselves over 10 intensive days from the 26th of February to the 7th of March 2021.

Fusion 360

One day workshop about the design of a shuttle using fusion 306.

Model Aircraft Challenge

The first EUROAVIA Napoli Modelling Workshop, in which 20 students, had to put their skills to the test and create a fully functional Airplane Model

Coding Rocket Event

EUROAVIA engage in the building of a rocket model and the coding of telemetry system.

Present time

Right now the Local Board of EUROAVIA Napoli is working with you and for you. Keep yourself updated with the latest news and participate in all the events we organize with our hearts.