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Projects, Competitions & More

In this section, you will be able to explore all of the upcoming projects and competitions EUROAVIA Napoli has to offer: Both at a local and international level.

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World Metrology Day – otherwise known as WMD – is an event built around Metrology, Quality Control, Automation, 3D Printing and much more. Mainly designed towards Aeronautical, Automotive and Railroad businesses.

World Metrology Day 2022

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The Event will give a platform to multinational businesses to present new tech from the industry to which they belong. But WMD is also a space for workshops and seminars that will deepen participants knowledge of Accademic Metrology and Automation, all thanks to the collaboration with Universities.
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INNOVATION DONE is a prize established by MES Group in collaboration with the “Università degli Studi di Salerno” ‘s “Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale”.
Its aim is to promote innovation and project ideas in University students.


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1 week – 2 teams – 1 goal: Design a Space Station: Space Station Design Workshop (SSDW)
Institute of Space Systems – University of Stuttgart, Germany; 24th – 30th July 2022

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Space Station Design Workshop,
University of Stuttgart

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When was the last time you designed a Space Station? The Space Station Design Workshop is once again taking place at the Institute of Space Systems – University of Stuttgart (Germany) next July.

With the end of operation of the International Space Station ISS coming up within the next years, it is time to think about a successor space station to preserve long-duration human presence in space. Human exploration of the solar system is realized through a progressive series of space operations, with each seeking to extend the reach of its predecessor. Operations concerning the Moon, libration points, asteroids, and near planets such as Mars are all considered significant objectives towards the expansion of human space exploration.

During one week, a group of experts from industry and academia will guide two teams towards one goal: Design a space station for a specific mission. The mission statement will first be provided during the workshop itself.

Be part of this international and interdisciplinary experience, learn about the future of human spaceflight and put in practice your knowledge and soft skills in a cooperative yet competitive environment.

The workshop is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young professionals. As interdisciplinary cooperation is integral to such projects, applicants from all fields of study are welcome at the workshop. Application is now open, until 30th of April, successful applicants will be notified before the end of May 2022.

Further information can be found in our website:  https://ssdw.irs.uni-stuttgart.de/blog/

You can stay updated through Facebook  SSDW.Stutgart or Twitter  @SSDWStuttgart

If you have any doubt regarding the event, you can directly contact them at  ssdw@irs.uni-stuttgart.de

Our partners at MES Group have developed a series of courses that have the objective of developing professional figures in the mechanical and aeronautical industries of tomorrow.

MES Training

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For the complete list of their courses and everything our wonderful partners offer, check out the following link!

EUROAVIA Napoli has the privilege to be partners with SIDI – as such, our members have the possibility to access their amazing courses at incredible prices.

School of Disruption: New Courses

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Internships, Dissertations and Job Opportunities

Do you want to complete your studies with an awesome dissertation? Do you want to dip your toes in the industry that awaits you? then pay close attention to the Internship and dissertation opportunities waiting for you, thanks to EUROAVIA Napoli.

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CORISTA is a private company currently working on ongoing projects regarding remote sensing (Telerilevamento). They are searching for young, motivated students and graduates who are willing to work with them and garner working experience.

CO.RI.S.T.A. Internship

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CORISTA has made available few positions, so be sure to sign up fast! The ideal candidate must be highly motivated and available. Interested in the opportunity? Fill out the form below. Want to know more about CORISTA? click the button!

Società d’ingegneria operante nel settore aerospaziale, con sede in Pomigliano, ricerca giovani Ingegneri, preferibilmente Aeronautici o Aerospaziali, da inserire nelle attività di Ingegneria Logistica di programmi Aeronautici nelle aree della documentazione tecnica velivolo, redazione di Bollettini di Modifica, Comunicazioni Tecniche verso gli operatori, gestione della configurazione in servizio e delle obsolescenze, reportistica degli inconvenienti in servizio e aggiornamento delle relative banche dati, gestione dei Ground Support Equipment (GSE) nonchè delle altre discipline di Ingegneria Logistica (I. L.).

Richiesta di Personale qualificato

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I candidati dovranno avere i seguenti requisiti:
– Laurea in Ingegneria almeno triennale
– Buona conoscenza della lingua inglese (letto, parlato, scritto) e dell’inglese tecnico
– Disponibilità a lavorare fuori sede per lunghi periodi
– Buona conoscenza dei principali tools informatici (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)

Si offrono
– Inquadramento secondo il Contratto Collettivo di Lavoro Metalmeccanico, con possibilità di servizio in trasferta di almeno 12 mesi (rinnovabile, in funzione delle richieste dei clienti finali)
– Trattamento di trasferta secondo le tabelle contrattuali vigenti.

I candidati prescelti terranno un corso di formazione di avviamento alle attività di I. L. di 80-100 ore.

Ulteriori dettagli saranno forniti al momento del colloquio conoscitivo da parte della Società.

OMPM srl offre la possibilitá di un colloquio ad un neolaureato – oppure uno studente in procinto di completare il proprio corso di studi – che sia in grado di svolgere il ruolo di ingegnere della progettazione. I requisiti preliminari sono nel box sottostante.

Colloquio presso O.M.P.M. s.r.l.

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-conoscere i processi di lavorazione;
-esperienza con software CAD;
-residenza nei pressi di Angri – Nocera Inferiore;
Per altre informazioni riguardanti l’azienda e la loro realtá, cliccare il tasto seguente

Our Partners at GreenTech Solution are looking for a graduate in Computer Engineering willing to be a part of their group to work on collaborative robotics and industrial automatization.

GreenTech Internship

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-interest for the world regarding start-ups;
-competent at working individually and have a predisposition for teamwork;
-critical thinking and problem solving;
-being competent with python-based software development;
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