About us

EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile”

EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile” is a non-political and non-profit association founded in 1991 thanks to Prof. Luigi Gerardo Napolitano, a pioneer of micro-gravity, mechanical and aeronautical engineer, director of the Aerodynamics Institute of the University “Federico II”. Today EUROAVIA Napoli is one of the leading Affiliated Societies of EUROAVIA.

EUROAVIA – The European Association of Aerospace Students

EUROAVIA Napoli is one of the Local Groups of EUROAVIA International – The European Association of Aerospace Students. EUROAVIA represents the interests of over 2000 students from 39 universities in 17 European countries, in addition to other countries. Established in 1959, EUROAVIA wants to be a bridge between companies, universities and students.

Our mission

EUROAVIA Napoli is managed exclusively by student volunteers and its mission is:

  • to improve the soft and hard skills of our members to prepare them for the professional field;
  • to promote and carry out scientific study and research activities to increase knowledge and the experience of our members in the aerospace sector;
  • to involve and stimulate attention to the activities of the aerospace sector through the organization of national congresses, seminars, guided tours, events or similar activities at the local and international level;
  • to stipulate agreements with public or private entities to create training and growth experiences and improvement of the skills required by the aerospace sector.

Our structure – Local Group

The Local Board  (LB) of EUROAVIA Napoli represents EUROAVIA on the local level. The Designated Local Board (DLB) is elected during the annual meeting dedicated to the election and presentation of the business and financial report.

The Working Groups (WG) are groups of motivated Members who use their knowledge and time availability for the Association to carry out specific tasks following the needs of the LB.

The members are the propeller of the association, they are the reason why the Local Board organizes continuously several events.
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Our partners & sponsors

Partners & Sponsors are the main supporters of our association. They sustain us principally during major events and help us to increase our network in the aerospace field.

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