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The XXIX edition of “Futuro Remoto”, an Italian event about technology, science and scientific culture took place from 15th to 18th October 2015, in a beautiful place in the heart of Naples, Plebiscito Square.

Among the initiatives of the festival, there was a conference at the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples on Saturday, October 17th. It was about the new concept of flight, the latest manufacturing technologies for aircraft, UAV and the innovative projects that will represent the mobility in the future. Here, EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile” was invited as a guess to take part to the conference with important representatives of the Aerospace District of Campania.

First of all, AS Napoli President, Daniele Vangone, introduced EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile” to the public; about 200 people joined the conference.

People were fascinated by our association and they set aside a pounding clapping.
Then, the Director of the Center for Near Space, our partner from the beginning of October, gave his contribution about the new aircraft Business Jet HYPLANE, designed as a means of transportation for a future space tourism. The project of a low cost helicopter was introduced by K4A as a future cab, imagined to be proposed for fast shipping in large and congested metropolitan areas.

Referring to the remote-controlled aircrafts, the Director of Naples Capodichino Airport discussed about one of the most complex crux to solve, the sharing of airspace between civil aircraft and UAV. A critical issue for the increasing speed with which it is developing the use of remote-controlled aircraft even in large cities.

Furthermore, our President Daniele was interviewed by a local newspaper and thanks to our constant work with sponsors, EUROAVIA Napoli could have an exhibition space during the entire day.

Daniele Vangone AS Napoli, President
Alessandra Schiavone AS Napoli, Former Treasurer

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