Local Board EUROAVIA Napoli

The Local Board (LB) of EUROAVIA Napoli represents EUROAVIA on a local level. The Designated Local Board (DLB) is elected during the annual meeting dedicated to the election and presentation of the business and financial report.

Duties of the Local Board towards the Local Group are:

-Representing EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile” and the interests of its members where necessary and possible;
-Providing its members with the necessary information about EUROAVIA international and the activities of all its affiliate society (AS);
-Managing and organize the associative activities based on the guidelines approved by the Local Group (LG) carried out during the meetings;
-Supervizing and supporting the work and the performances of the Working Groups;
-Preparing the Business Plan and the Financial Plan;
-Stipulating all the deeds and contracts relating to the associative activities.

If you want to know more about the tasks of our Local Board’s members, read the Internal Rules on Our Records.

Contact us!

The Local Board of EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile can always be contacted at  napoli@euroavia.eu

Contact us!

The Local Board of EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile” can always be contacted at napoli@euroavia.eu

Local Board 2021/2022



Miriam Marino


Raffaele Colamarino


Lucia Ruocco

International Editor Member

Maria Mattiello

Executive Member

pasquale scutiero

Pasquale Scutiero

Executive Member

Robert Kellogg

Executive Member

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