The Statute formally represents the foundations of the association and provides the structure and the basis for the bylaws.

Internal Rules

Based on Art. 4 paragraph 2 of the Statute, these Internal Rules contain the implementing rules for the social and bureaucratic life of the Association. It complements the Statute, which remains the fundamental reference. The Internal Rules, therefore, cannot be in contrast with the Statute and cannot modify its provisions.

Yearly Financial Report

Below you will find our Financial Reports consisting of all transactions regarding the Association in the last couple of years. Not only are Financial Reports necessary to keep all business concerning our Association and it’s members as clear and transparent as possible, but also to look back and learn from past enterprises while moving forward.

Monthly Report

EUROAVIA International

EUROAVIA Napoli “Umberto Nobile” is one of the branches of EUROAVIA International therefore, it conforms to the International Statute&Bylaws of EUROAVIA International.

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