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The new BY has just begun and you know that the most important moment for a LB is the schedule of its activities and projects for the upcoming year. Here, in Naples, the election of the new board took place on 29th June 2015. Since then, all of us are working hard and strong so that everything could be done in the best way. The current members of the Local Board are:

  • Daniele Vangone President
  • Gaetano Perrotta Vice President
  • Mirko Zaccara Secretary
  • Alessandra Schiavone Treasurer
  • Stefano Orefice International Contact Member
  • Greta Agapita Alfano Executive Member
  • Luigi Avallone Executive Member
  • Gianmarco Valletta Executive Member & Webmaster

In the previous weeks, it got off to a good start with the introduction of EUROAVIA Napoli in the classrooms of aerospace and mechanical engineering. This year, many people just enthusiastic of EA and students from other departments are interested in joining the association.I think this is the result of a new and renewed visibility, which occurs in brief time, thanks even to the new partners who decided to start a collaboration with the Local Group, both association and aerospace company:, Center for Near Space and MES Group.

They have established a mutually beneficial relationship with EUROAVIA Napoli having in common interests in promoting aerospace activities and using space technologies for the benefit of mankind, through education and outreach. The organisations will work together in pursuing the highest quality standards in education and research in all subjects related to students.
The month of October was really demanding and full of activities and the best results were achieved. In fact, local TV and daily newspapers mentioned EUROAVIA Napoli as the main aerospace association of the district, asking for participations at conferences, congresses and events. Moreover, an important national radio station contacted the board for an interview in November.Moreover, the feedback received from our members is excellent. Three flight baptism were organised in October because of the high number of

registration in the last period. Two different project are going to start: the former is the “Engineering and aviation project” in collaboration with a pilot member who will organise a series of meeting during which he will share his experience as pilot, the latter is “LATEX: tools for academic and scientific papers” in collaboration with a professor of Aerospace Dpt.
Furthermore, EUROAVIA Napoli will reach a milestone in 2016 because of its 25th anniversary of its foundation. Proud of this, we have decide to celebrate this important moment with lots of initiatives and activities such as a companies tour visits during all the year, conferences and seminars, gala events and moreover. Just in March and April, a cultural exchange is going to be organised with EA Valencia and a surprise for all of you in November. Hence, stay tuned and stay focussed on us.

Daniele Vangone AS Napoli, President

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