The first EUROAVIA Napoli Modelling Workshop, in which 20 students, divided into 4 teams, had to put their skills to the test and create a fully functional Airplane Model. The contest was divided into two phases: april 26-27 the teams we’re given a series of lectures that introduced them to the world of aeromodelling and from may 3-6 they spent their time within the University Building their model aircraft. Finally the event ended on may 14th, when the planes were put to the test at the Campo Volo.
Contents: lectures, design editing, crafting and flying.

Soft and hard skills

Public speaking

team working

problem solving

Design management

Aerodynamic knowledge

software: open vsp presentation only


  • Team Rocket

Third Place

Marcello Zammarelli

Alessandro Stanzione

Corrado D’Urso

Elisabetta Russo

Fabrizio Esposito

  • RayQuasar

Fourth Place

Aniello Smarrazzo

Alessandra Del Sorbo

Antonio Annese

Davide Albanese

Vitale Doppietti

  • The Simpsons

First Place

Viviana Gargiulo

Andrea De Martino

Carlo Anfora

Farrukh Jawad Quamar

Federico Arciuolo

  • Resistenze Parassite

Second Place

Francesco Tafuri

Giovanni Brescia

Laura Sanza

Leonardo Zolli

Lorenzo Grasso




Raffaele Aucelli


Local Board 2021-2022

Miriam Marino


Local Board 2021-2022

Raffaele Colamarino


Local Board 2021-2022

Lucia Ruocco

International Editor Member

Local Board 2021-2022

Maria Mattiello

Executive Member

Local Board 2021-2022

Pasquale Scutiero

Executive Member

Local Board 2021-2022

Robert Kellogg

Executive Member

Local Board 2021-2022

Francesca D’Aversa


Local Board 2021-2022

Matteo Mangone


MACH Technical Department

Giuseppe Pelliccia


MACH Technical
Department: Pilot

Pierluca De Felice


MACH Technical Department

Rossana Tortale


MACH Technical Department

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